What Are Some Good Tips for Controlling Mold?


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To control mold, use a dehumidifier or fans during warm summer months to provide ventilation, and move furnishings away from the walls to promote air flow. To further encourage air flow inside the home, open closet doors and doors between rooms. Clean gutters regularly, and slope the area around the home to ensure water drains away from the home. Repair roof and water leaks immediately to prevent excess moisture in the home.

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If houseplants are present, add a small amount of Taheebo tea to the plant's water to prevent mold growth in the soil. Store fabrics in well-ventilated, dry areas of the home, and maintain an overall humidity level of 30 to 60 percent indoors to prohibit mold growth.

Open a window when showering or washing dishes, or use an air vent to direct humid air out of the home. If necessary, install vents above cooking appliances, on the clothes dryer and in bathrooms to draw humid air outdoors. When renovating or building a home, consider installing mold-resistant materials, such as fiberglass-coated drywall.

Lay towels out to ensure they dry quickly, and pull the shower curtain closed after showering to promote faster drying. Use a shower curtain that is mold-resistant, and wash towels and other fabrics in the home regularly to prevent mold.

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