What Are Some Good Tips for Building a Kids' Tree House?

Choosing the right tree and knowing how it behaves during different kinds of weather are two important tips to use when building a tree house. Ensuring that proper research is done in these two areas not only makes construction easier but helps ensure that building and then using the tree house is as safe as it can possibly be.

Another tip is to build in such as way that it allows the tree to grow and move. If the wind begins to blow a little heavier than normal, or the tree house does not allow for tree growth, it puts the entire tree house at risk for damage, which could lead to injury if the tree house fails while children are playing inside. Builders should also try to limit the number of holes they drill into the tree. Too many holes allow disease and fungus to enter the tree, which may kill it and render the tree house attached to it unsafe.

Additionally, potential builders should never place wood next to the tree. This allows rain water to catch and pool, which brings rot to both the tree and the house itself. Finally, decide on how long you or your children intend to use the tree house, and then plan for five additional years of use to allow for enough growth of the tree.