What Are Some Good Templates for Signs?


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Good templates for signs depend on situation-specific factors such as how and where the sign will be used; what colors, typefaces and logos are required; and how long the sign should last. In general, good signage templates provide large type on a high-contrast background, using art and color to highlight important information. Sample templates and sign ideas can be found websites such as MakeSigns.com, which provide pages of sample templates to browse as well as sign printing services.

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A design that works for you – one that represents you and your message to your satisfaction – is the right template. Existing signs are a great resource, so first look in your local area for signs that match your requirements for size, construction and design. If you can’t find a template, you can develop your own by following a few commonsense guidelines.

Next, concentrate on what the sign will say and how it will look. For instance, consider the planned location of the sign. Location tells you what information your audience needs first and guides your choices for appropriate art and language. Stick to one simple message, and use typefaces that are easy to read. Color and graphics should both increase readability and make a visual impact customized to your message.

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