What Are Some Good Techniques for Forcing Bulbs Indoors?


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Start bulbs indoors by chilling them in the refrigerator for eight to 15 weeks and then planting them in containers filled with potting mix. Smaller bulbs, including miniature daffodils, grape hyacinth, crocus and tulips, are easiest to start indoors.

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Choose the largest bulbs possible, storing them in a refrigerator for two or three weeks or up to 15 weeks before repotting. Place the bulbs in a pot, being sure not to allow them to touch one another. For proper root growth, the pot chosen must be twice as deep as the bulbs. Cover the bulbs with soil, allowing their tips to show through. Water them, keeping the soil damp. Move the potted bulbs outdoors when flowers form, and choose to keep them in pots or replant in a flower bed.

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