What Are Some Good Styles of Windows for Homes?


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Types of windows that homeowners have to choose from include double hung, casement windows, sliding sash and Palladian windows, notes HGTV and Bob Vila. Good styles of windows for home can vary depending on the homeowner's preference and the style they want to have on their home.

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Double-hung windows are very popular with homeowners because the top and the bottom both open. Being able to open the top part of the window instead of the bottom is good for homes with children and pets. It can make cleaning the windows easier since the top part can be lowered to reach easier.

Casement windows are an older style of window that open either inward or outward depending on how they were installed. These windows operate almost like doors. Some of these windows simply open by manually pulling them open or some of them work on a crank system. The crank system generally appears on windows that open outward and may not be easily reached to close.

Sliding sash windows open from side to side, like a sliding door. When closed they often take on a similar appearance of a bay window. These types of windows are ideal for places where there is an obstacle, like a sink or a countertop where reaching a standard window would be difficult.

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