What Are Some Good Styles of Garage Shelf Systems?


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Some good styles of garage shelf systems are ceiling-mounted shelves, bin rack storage systems and wall-mounted shelves. Amazon.com sells many types of garage shelf systems to clear up floor space for a car, and Elfa also offers alternative garage storage that is not a typical shelf.

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Ceiling-mounted shelves and overhead storage systems, such as Quick-Shelf’s overhead unit, are a good option due to many garages having a high ceiling. These storage systems and shelves often do not include the shelf but are just the wire frames and the hardware to hang them. The system screws into the ceiling, rods hang from the ceiling hooks and shelves rest on the rods. This style of storage system is also expandable downwards by hanging more rods from the original rods.

Bin rack storage systems, such as the Seville Classics bin rack storage system, are shelving units with bins on the shelves to organize and sort items. The shelves are available for use with or without the bins. This model, available from Amazon.com, has wheels for easy transportation of the whole shelving unit. Wall mount shelving units are also available and mount to the wall, as the name implies.

Elfa’s storage units, such as the utility garage storage system, are tracks that mount to the wall and allow shelves to hang from those tracks or individual hooks for items, such as sporting equipment and bicycles.

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