What Are Some Good Styles of Cheese Knives?

What Are Some Good Styles of Cheese Knives?

Good styles of cheese knives include slicer, knife with holes, knife with spokes, universal knives and mini cleaver. Each style of cheese knife is ideal for cutting a specific type of cheese.

A cheese slicer is ideal for cutting hard cheeses into thin slices. It is important to choose a cheese that is not going to crumble when using a slicer.

A cheese knife with holes is good for cutting sticky cheeses. The holes mean that the blade has less definition and a smaller surface area for the cheese to stick to.

A knife with spokes, usually on the tip is specifically designed to cut aged cheese. The spokes allow the cheese to break away naturally by chipping at the cheese. This helps to maintain the flavor and integrity of the cheese.

Universal knives have spokes on their tips and have versatile shapes. These are particularly useful for serving brie cheese.

A mini cleaver can also be used for aged cheeses which are often hard. The heft of the cleaver allows for a more precise cut without crumbling the cheese.

Cheese cutting boards are also an important consideration when serving cheese. The boards come in different materials with the most common being wood. A wooded board is recommended when serving a large number of guests. Although ceramic cutting boards are more aesthetically pleasing, they tend to be loud when cutting on them.