What Are Some Good Strategies for Decluttering?


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One good strategy for decluttering is to give away items you no longer use to friends, family members, churches or charities. Sell or auction off valuable items such as antiques, paintings and jewelry, and throw away or recycle items that are no longer usable.

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Hold a junk swap party where you and your friends can swap items you no longer need or use but are in good condition and still usable. Alternatively, consider selling your used items online or at a garage sale and then donating the proceeds to charity. You can also find a local charity that accepts pre-owned items. Store items that you are not ready to part with yet in boxes.

Another way to declutter is to get organized. For example, do not leave unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink or dirty laundry all over the house for a long time.

To prevent future clutter in your home, limit unnecessary purchases. Avoid accepting free items, especially if you do not need them or do not have enough space in your home to store them. Do not buy items just because they are on sale, and always try to limit the number of items you put in your storage space.

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