What Are Some Good Storage Cabinets for Craft Rooms?

Good storage cabinets for craft rooms include a sturdy wood construction with a variety of sizes of space options that include overhead cabinets with doors, cubby holes without doors and soft-closing drawers that include inserts or dividers for small materials. Popular storage cabinets sold include a Northfield modular bookcase, a Studio Designs craft and storage desk, an Ameriwood glass door bookcases and a Monarch Specialties storage ladder.

A free-standing island with a wooden tabletop and drawers and cabinets underneath offer a workspace and ample storage for crafting enthusiasts, too. Make good use of space in a craft room by installing countertops with an insert for a desk chair along the wall, and install sturdy wooden cabinets above the desk area to store fabric, sewing machines and larger crafting supplies. A free-standing cart with drawers can easily store underneath a countertop to sort different colors of fabric or spools of thread, yarn or ribbon. Vary the size of cabinets to accommodate both small and large supplies, such as scrapbooking materials, quilts in progress or t-shirts to design.

Reserve overhead cabinets for items that are bulky or large and used less often. Include a small step stool or ladder in the craft room to access the items stored above easily. Reserve drawer space within the cabinet to organize small scissors, pins, pens and clips in divider slots within the cabinets.