What Are Some Good Stain Removers for Clothes?


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One good stain remover for clothes is OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover, according to About.com. This product is useful for removing dirt, blood, wine, cola and grass stains from laundry, and it is also effective in kitchens and bathrooms and on washable upholstery.

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What Are Some Good Stain Removers for Clothes?
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Tide Stain Brush is another good stain remover for clothes, reports About.com. This brush is battery-operated and can rub Liquid Tide into stains. This is useful for pretreatment and helps make removing stains easier while also keeping the user's hands cleaner.

Tide to Go is a pen the size of a marker that can remove fresh drink and food stains without requiring a washing machine or water. Its small size makes it easy to carry in a car, purse or home to deal with sudden stains.

Spray and Wash Dual Power Laundry Stain Remover is a pretreater that has an enzyme cleaner. This helps it to clean both oily stains and food stains, including coffee and juice.

Zout Stain Remover is particularly useful for cleaning blood and protein stains, and it comes in spray, liquid and Oxy Foam variants.

Spray and Wash Stain Stick is useful for busy individuals because it allows them to pretreat clothing and then wash it as late as one week later.

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