What Are Some Good Spindle Replacement Instructions?


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Replacing a spindle involves first removing the wooden filets on the top and bottom. With the filet removed, tilt the spindle and pull it out. Measure and cut the new spindle to a size appropriate for the railing. Place the top portion into the hole in the railing's top channel, and then gently tap the bottom portion of the spindle until it fits into the hole on the bottom channel. Replace the filet, and secure it with a nail.

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To remove wooden filets, or the thin fillers placed at the top and bottom of spindles, use a 3/4-inch screw and screw it into the filet. The screw should go no further than 3/16 of an inch into the filet, and it should be inserted vertically about 1 inch from the spindle being removed. Use a pair of pliers to grab the screw. Pull it up to remove the filet. If it does not come out immediately, manipulate the screw by moving it side to side; this releases a pin nail that allows the filet to come out of the channel.

When replacing the filets, first remove the screw, and place it with the hole side facing the inside of the channel. Sand the filet until it is smooth, and gently tap it into place. Use a 1-inch finishing nail to secure it, as well as nailset.

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