What Are Some Good Smoke Odor Removers?


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For smoke from burned foods or tobacco, removal products include baking soda, dried lavender, distilled white vinegar and vanilla. For smoke from a home fire, the best solution is to call a professional to remove the smoke and restore the home.

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What Are Some Good Smoke Odor Removers?
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Smoke odors that penetrate carpets are often difficult to remove. Begin the process by mixing a large container of baking soda with lavender. Sprinkle the mixture over the carpet, and allow it to sit for a minimum of five hours. Vacuum the rug, and repeat the process if necessary.

For smoke odors in the air, pour the vinegar into shallow containers, and spread them throughout the room to absorb the smoke. If the vinegar smell is overwhelming, temper it by adding a few drops of vanilla extract to each bowl.

If the smoke odors persist after treating the carpets and using the vinegar, professional carpet cleaning sometimes is helpful. Let the cleaners know that the smoke odor is a problem, and they can add special chemicals to the cleaning solution to help eliminate it.

Removing smoke from a fire requires determining what burned to cause the smoke and using an appropriate cleaner to remove the odor. Ozone generators help to reduce the odor, but eliminating it requires attacking it at its source.

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