What Are Some Good Small Backyard Waterfall Ideas?


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Use a prefabricated waterfall and pond structure, or take advantage of a natural slope to build a pond and a waterfall using natural stones. Alternatively, couple the waterfall with a swimming pool. Beautify the waterfall with matching plants, such as lotus plants, ferns and water lilies.

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A preformed structure for a backyard waterfall is easy to install and lightweight, as it is made of fiberglass. Its height normally ranges from 6 inches to 18 inches, with a gentle cascade of up to 4 feet. The prefabricated ponds, with a size ranging from 3 to 10 feet, can resemble a stone or be gray or black. Level the pond, install the pump and cover the waterfall structure using slate, cobblestone or river rock.

Use pond liners to fill the hole of a natural pond made as per the landscape's shape. Place stones and pond liners along the natural slope in the backyard to wind the water down gently. If there is no natural slope, build a berm or an elevated structure of stone to create one.

A pool can have several slabs of stone at its edge to create a subtle waterfall. Rocks and boulders are useful for a taller waterfall. This type of waterfall blends well with a lagoon-style pool.

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