What Are Some Good Slate Finish Appliances?


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Slate finish refrigerators, such as slate French door refrigerators, slate side-by-side refrigerators, and slate top freezer refrigerators are the most appreciated appliances, according to product ratings on The Home Depot website.

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GE claims that slate has a warm, rich look, and it regards the finish as an enhancement to the style and design of the company’s appliances. According to The Home Depot appliances website, slate refrigerators have earned at least four out of five stars in review ratings. GE claims that slate appeals to every taste and that it achieves perfect harmony with every other material, including granites, composites, organic glass and wood, and color. According to consumerreports.org, slate finish refrigerators are better than those with the sleek stainless steel finish because they do not show fingerprints. Slate is also usable as a surface finish on floors, and GE offers a slate cook-top among its slate finish appliances.

Slate is an appliance finish created by General Electric Appliances for its major appliances. Created as an alternative to the shiny stainless steel, the dominant finish in many appliances, slate is a gray-toned metallic finish that is featured across a suite of GE’s appliances. GE slate finish appliances include refrigerators, gas and electric ranges, dishwashers, ovens and microwave oven.

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