What Is a Good Skunk Repellent?


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Using natural scents, such as citrus or cayenne, is a good way to repel skunks. Skunks and other animals often dislike strong smells, so using them in various areas within one's yard can help to keep them away.

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What Is a Good Skunk Repellent?
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When looking to repel skunks from the yard, spread orange peels around the yard as a deterrent. Alternatively, sprinkle cayenne pepper in the areas where the skunk was seen, in order to keep it from returning. Use repellents on a daily basis until the skunk is gone.

The obvious advantage of these natural repellents is that they are typically safe to use in all areas, though pepper-based ones can cause irritation in some cases. In contrast, chemical repellents can be extremely hazardous to children, pets and other animals and must be used carefully to avoid the potential negative effects.

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