What Are Some Good Sealers for Brick Pavers?

What Are Some Good Sealers for Brick Pavers?

Some high-quality brick paver sealers include SuperSeal, SUREBOND and Defy brand-name products, according to BrickPaverSealer.com. Seal 'n Lock's brick and concrete interlocking sealer is also a high-quality product, as noted by Paver Savers & Concrete. LastiSeal penetrating brick and masonry sealer is also a good product, according to Radon Mitigation & Concrete Waterproofing.

SuperSeal offers gloss, semi-gloss and matte-gloss sealers that are appropriate for use on brick pavers. SuperSeal products protect surfaces from dirt, stains and exposure to ultraviolet light. Gloss and semi-gloss sealers provide a wet-look finish, and matte sealers reduce sheen. SuperSeal products also help solidify sand, and they reduce weeds and insects as well.

Defy paver sealer contains resins that encapsulate joint sand to discourage infiltration by ant colonies, and it also features mildewcides that reduce the occurrence of fungus. The product is epoxy-fortified, and it offers protection from water, UV damage, winter salts and freeze-thaw cycles.

SUREBOND paver sealers are fast-drying, breathable and water-based, and they can be applied immediately to new paver installations. Users apply one or two coats of the sealers with a spray pump. SUREBOND also offers a stain-blocking invisible sealer that is suitable for use on brick pavers.

Seal 'n Lock paver sealer carries a two-year warranty, and the company also guarantees that it will never become cloudy or white. The product is environmentally friendly and odor-free, and it also stabilizes sand, inhibits mold and resists stains. LastiSeal brick and masonry sealer fills pores and cures as a hard plastic and carries a 15-year waterproofing warranty.