What Are Some Good Sealants for Black Wrought Iron Furniture?


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The best sealants for wrought iron furniture include conversion coating, rust-inhibiting paint and protective finishes. All of these sealants help to preserve the finish on the furniture, and when used regularly, they can extend the life of wrought iron furniture.

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Conversion coating is a substance that is thinly painted onto the surface of wrought iron. It is available at most body shops and auto parts stores. This coating turns any rust on the iron into a black coating that stops more rust from forming. Conversion coating also makes a good base coat for paint.

One of the best sealants to use with wrought iron is spray paint with rust-inhibiting properties. This paint is easy to apply, and it stops further rust from forming. It is best to apply the paint in even, steady coats. It is also important to ensure that all parts of the furniture are covered. An enamel paint that is formulated for the outdoors is the best option.

Even if using a spray or enamel paint with rust-inhibiting properties, it is best to use a protective finish for extra protection. A clear coat finish is a good choice as it does not hide the paint or enamel coloring, yet still protects the iron.

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