What Is a Good Scratch Remover for a Hardwood Floor?


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The best scratch removers for hardwood floors are wax or acrylic floor polish, specialty hardwood renewal products, stain markers and blending pencils, and wood filler and stain. The right solution for each person depends mostly on how much time he wants to spend repairing his floor.

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What Is a Good Scratch Remover for a Hardwood Floor?
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Acrylic or wax floor polish often dull hardwood floors as years go by. When this happens, many people choose to remove the polish, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Specialty products such as Hardwood Floor Reviver or Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Refresher do not dull hardwood surfaces. They do, however, require re-application every few months.

Stain markers and blending pencils offer a faster solution because they target a specific portion of the floor rather than requiring application on the entire floor. These products are available in a variety of tones, allowing a person to choose one that best matches his floor.

Wood filler is a good solution for deep gouges. Once the filler is applied, it must be sanded before stain is applied to the surface. The stain should provide the correct level of sheen to match the particular hardwood.

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