How Good Are the Reviews for Uberhaus Facets?

How Good Are the Reviews for Uberhaus Facets? gives an average rating of four to six out of 10 for Uberhaus faucets, as of 2015. The website also gives Uberhaus faucets a three out of five rating for warranty scores. RONA, Inc. sells Uberhaus faucets in Canada and does not ship to the United States.

Uberhaus faucets are certified as safe and certified lead-free through independent laboratory testing, according to Manufacturers make the faucets in China. RONA, Inc. buys the faucets ready-made and sells them under the Uberhaus brand name. RONA advertises its faucets as being all brass, but some of them are made of a combination of brass and a zinc/aluminum alloy. considers Uberhaus faucets as decent quality for inexpensive Chinese faucets. The faucets come with a lifetime warranty and are handled by RONA's warranty service, Mecanair.