What Is a Good Remedy for Tick Removal From Your Yard?


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Ticks in the yard are effectively removed by using pesticides, either consumer-level products applied by the homeowner or professional products from pest control specialists. Another effective way to reduce ticks is to keep the yard clean and unappealing to ticks and deer.

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Areas that ticks like to frequent include woods, brush and the borders of the yard. Homeowners can choose from mixes, sprays and pesticide concentrates for tick control. Professionals can provide chemicals to kill ticks on contact. These treatments don't hurt animals and can eliminate ticks quickly. Reapplication of pesticides, either professional or those from a garden center, is necessary to keep ticks away. A good time to spary is in May or early June, before the warm weather season.

Pruning, keeping grass cut short, creating a barrier between woods and the yard, and removing leaf and other plant debris all help to make the yard less habitable for ticks. Bird feeders should be places away from the house to keep mice, which are carriers of ticks, at a safe distance. Deer also have ticks, especially those known to carry Lyme disease, so keeping deer away helps to keep ticks away. Use fences and plant deer-resistant flowers, trees and shrubs to discourage deer from entering and lingering in the garden areas.

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