What Are Some Good Quality Hot and Cold Water Dispensers?

What Are Some Good Quality Hot and Cold Water Dispensers?

Good brands of hot and cold water dispensers include NewAir, Primo, Avanti and Honeywell. Water temperature for water dispensers vary between brands and models. A child lock feature is an important consideration if the dispenser is used around young children or pets.

The NewAir WCD-200W is easy to use and features a simplistic design to fit most spaces. The appliance is well-fitted for multiple use and good for gyms, offices, hospitals and other high-traffic areas. The WCD-200W model dispenses hot water between 176 and 203 degrees Fahrenheit and cold water between 43 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit is also good for home use.

The Primo 6061087 can hold 3- and 5-liter bottles and is a top-loading unit. The appliance comes with a power saver button that can be switched on or off to save power. The hot water faucet is fitted with a child safety latch to protect children from injury.

The Avanti WDP75 operates quietly and is good for both home and office applications. It is built for durability and includes practical features such as an LED night light to make it easy to operate in the dark. The front-bottom end of the unit has a storage compartment for cups.

Lastly, the Honeywell HWB2052B, which is a tabletop hot and cold water dispenser, is a good choice for people with limited floor space. The water reservoir is made of food grade stainless steel for hygiene purposes. The unit includes a child lock feature and an easy-to-use push-in lever system.