What Are Some Good Products to Stain Concrete?


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Products to use to stain concrete include Eagle Rustic Concrete Stain, H&C Concrete Stain and Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain. Each stain will have its own application and prep instructions, so reading the instructions on the product the homeowner uses is very important.

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The Behr concrete stain comes in a number of colors, but all of them are intended to give concrete a stone look. If someone wants to make their patio look like it has been done with real stone instead of concrete, this might be a good choice. It can also be used on indoor surfaces, so homeowners with concrete floors inside their home can give those a stone look as well. It takes about an hour for the stain to dry if the surface is prepped correctly.

H&C stain is a water-based stain that can be used on new or old concrete. This stain is meant for outside application only and is made to be ultraviolet ray, gas, alkali and mildew resistant. In addition to concrete, the stain also works on asphalt.

Eagle brand stain is create a marble-like finish on concrete surfaces. Since it is an acid-based stain, it can be more complicated to apply. Preparation of the surface is very important with the acid stains because of how they interact with the concrete to create the staining process. The stain needs to be sealed after the application.

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