What Are Some Good Polyurethane Floor Finishes?


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Some good polyurethane floor finishes are Dura-Seal's Quick-Dry sealer, Basic Coatings' Emulsion and ZAR Ultra Max. Polyurethane floor finishes are divided into oil and water-based polyurethane finishes. Dura-Seal's Quick-Dry sealer is an oil-based finish, while the Emulsion and Ultra Max are water-based.

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A benefit of an oil-based polyurethane finish is that it dries slower, has an amber color when it cures and requires fewer coats than water-based polyurethane finishes. The slower drying time reduces the chances of overlaying lap marks, where the dry finish is overlaid with wet finish.

The benefits of a water-based polyurethane finish is that it dries more quickly, has no odor while it dries and goes on relatively clear. Although water-based finishes require more coats completely protect the floor, they generally dry within two hours.

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