What Are Some Good Pocket Knife Brands?


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Some good pocket knife brands are Spyderco, SOG Specialty Knives, Kershaw, Buck and Victorinox. Ideally pocket knives should have between 3- to 4-inch blades, have simple construction and should be durable, notes Knife Depot.

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The Buck 110 Folding Hunter made by Buck is one of the most iconic pocket knives ever. It is also one of the best-selling knives, with about 15 million Buck 110s sold since 1964. The Buck 110 is easily recognizable with its wooden handle and for being one of the first lock back knives sold commercially.

Victorinox, the brand that manufactures Swiss army pocket knives, is well known for this multi-functional, high quality knife. Spyderco, Kershaw and SOG are relatively new brands, but have since become popular for making simple, durable and precision-manufactured pocket knives, according to Knife Depot.

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