What Are Good Plants to Use for Privacy?


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Good plants for privacy include privet, boxwood and arbor vitae. Other suitable plants are barberry, hornbeam, cotoneaster, escallonia, spindle, veronica, holly, honeysuckle, cinquefoil, cherry laurel, firethorn, tallhedge and lilac. Some coniferous plants make good privacy screens, including false cypress, cypress and yew. These plants make dense hedges and can grow quickly, reaching heights of around 6 feet.

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Lilac, firethorn, holly and honeysuckle not only provide year-round privacy but also produce beautiful, fragrant flowers and/or fruit if they are cared for and pruned properly. Among the more popular privacy hedge plants are the spindle, or euonymus. Evergreen euonymous grows up to 15 feet high and between 5 to 7 feet wide. It's best grown in a warm climate as it's a bit tender to cold. Tallhedge has a columnar habit, grows very quickly and remains hardy to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

When planting a privacy hedge, it is best to stagger the plants so that they get a good amount of light and air. Seedlings also need to be planted at the proper distance from each other. Though this creates gaps in the hedge at first, it fills in as the plants mature. In the meantime, annuals can be planted in the gaps.

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