What Are Some Good Plants, Hedges and Shrubs for a Lawn?


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Some good plants, hedges and shrubs to plant in a lawn include Japanese holly, boxwood shrubs, lilac bushes, azaleas and mountain laurels. Boxwood, yew and privet shrubs are hedge plants trimmed in typical boxy shapes.

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Good hedges and shrubs for a lawn can be evergreen or deciduous. While deciduous hedges flower once a year, evergreen hedges are green year round. Some of the most popular options include Japanese holly, holly bushes, boxwood and mountain laurels, all of which are evergreen shrubs. Japanese and English holly bushes grow tall, acting as privacy screens. The English laurel doubles as a security hedge with its sharp, pointed leaves.

Deciduous plants and shrubs are decorative during the spring when they bloom and also useful as privacy screens, although less so in the winter because they lose their leaves, allowing others to see through their bare patches.

Some good deciduous plants and shrubs include lilac bushes that have a distinctive scent and purple-blue flowers during the spring and early summer, and forsythia, another deciduous plant that requires little effort to grow and thrive. An individual simply needs to plant them in a line and leave them to grow. Some flowering evergreens to consider include evergreen azaleas and mountain laurels.

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