What Are Some Good Plants for Growing in Outdoor Pots?

Some plants that thrive in outdoor containers include Golden Sword yucca, Green Mountain boxwood, golden creeping Jenny and heuchera. Golden Sword yucca, Yucca filamentosa, is hardy in zones four through 11 with tall, broad blade-like leaves with dark green edges and golden yellow centers. The plant is evergreen in these zones, though foliage may droop in the winter. The plant prefers full sun but tolerates some shade.

Green Mountain boxwood, genus Buxus, is a slow-growing, dark-green shrub that retains its color year round in zones four through nine. It can grow up to 5 feet by 3 feet but stays smaller in containers and naturally forms a pyramid shape. The plant prefers partial shade and rotating the plant to expose all sides to the sun promotes even growth.

Golden creeping Jenny, Lysimachia nummularia, is a compact trailing plant that produces cascades of round chartreuse leaves. It is hardy in zones four through eight. The plant prefers moist soil and partial shade but can thrive in full sun as well with ample water.

Heucheras are hardy blooming perennials available in a variety of leaf and blossom colors. A variety of species gives gardeners the choice of plants that grow in conditions from full sun to full shade in zones three through eight.