What Are Some Good Plants for Creating Privacy Screens?

What Are Some Good Plants for Creating Privacy Screens?

Good plants for privacy screening include privet, yew, juniper, rhododendron and bamboo. Factors to considers include planting distance, climate and space limitations. Choosing the right plants helps to provide a visual and noise barrier.

Privet provides a formal hedge that is easy to trim and train. It grows quickly but requires the correct growing conditions. Shaping the hedge requires owners shear it often. While yew is much slower growing than privet, its primary advantage is that it produces very little litter. It also responds well to trimming and requires less of it than privet.

Juniper can grow to more than 12 feet tall. Each plant has an elongated cone type shape. Rocky Mountain juniper has a silver color and grows to over 30 feet high and has a 6-foot diameter.

Rhododendron provides a thick hedge to increase privacy and offers colorful displays when they bloom. These plants do well in shade and with acidic soils. Plants grow to 7 feet tall.

Bamboo grows rapidly to provide a privacy barrier; however, it can become invasive. Growing the plants in containers helps to prevent it from taking over the entire yard. It is a good choice when the garden has a modern or tropical design.