What Are Some Good Plans to Make a Large Green Egg Table?


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The Dickson Barbeque Center website offers plans for building a table to house a Big Green Egg ceramic outdoor cooker. The plans, sized to accommodate a small, medium, large or extra-large Egg, feature measurements and material suggestions. They are freely available to download and view as a PDF file.

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The advantage of building a table to house a Big Green Egg cooker of any size is that it is largely customizable to the whims of the builder. The table plans offered by the Dickson Barbeque Center feature the cooker resting on a lower shelf and emerging through a circular hole cut in the upper counter, off to one side of the table. Each plan recommends using a metal table nest or concrete paver block to rest the ceramic cooker on, as it generates enough heat during operation to potentially ignite wooden building material in direct contact.

The plans generally describe a wood table 32 inches tall, between 41 and 60 inches long, and 25 to 32 inches deep. The larger size of tables are designed to accommodate larger Big Green Egg models. The largest size, the extra-large Egg, requires a hole in the upper counter 26.5 inches in diameter, while the smallest size needs a 16-inch circular cut-out.

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