What Are Some Good Plans for Container Gardening?


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Grouping full-sun plants such as African lilies, black-eyed Susans and cat thyme all together is a sound container gardening plan. Arranging year-round plants such as ivy and English holly together helps prevent barren spots, and planting azaleas and gardenias together in highly acidic soil is another option.

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Each plant's individual needs, from planting spacing to soil type, all require thought, and pairing plants with others that have similar needs is a good way to ensure their survival. Plans should also account for sunlight, with shade-tolerant plants placed in shady areas and plants requiring full sunlight arranged in sunny spots around the home.

Plant zones should also be considered during planting as many plants are not hardy enough to cope with certain zones. It also makes them easier to care for, eliminating the need to remember specific instructions for multiple plants. Soil drainage, mulching materials and container size are all important to include in a container garden plan as a tree usually requires a bigger pot, and overcrowding plants can cause some to fail to thrive. A final consideration is to plant shorter flowers in the front of containers so that they are visible with taller plants arranged in the back.

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