What Are Some Good Plans for Building Wood Shutters?

What Are Some Good Plans for Building Wood Shutters?

Some good plans for building wood shutters include the ones found at TheHandmadeHome.net and RebelMouse.com. Both of these websites offer complete plans and helpful tips to completing the projects.

TheHandmadeHome.net features plans to make natural-looking wooden shutters. This plan includes all the required materials in a list and the tools necessary to complete the project. There are numerous pictures of the completed project and the various steps involved in building and installing the shutters.

Along with detailed instructions of each step, there are tips along the way to make it easier to build the shutters. There are even photographs of some of the needed materials to ensure that the builder gets the correct items from the right brand.

RebelMouse.com discusses the importance of working on a budget when making plantation shutters and how to choose the correct type of wood to make them. It is very important to select wood that doesn't warp in the humidity and wet weather.

The website offers detailed written instructions and a link to download the blueprints for the plantation shutters. There is a video showing part of the process of building the shutters. As of 2015, there is a small charge for downloading the plans and blueprints for these shutters if the written instructions aren't enough to finish the job.