What Are Some Good Places to Find Magnet Generators for Sale?

Good places to find permanent magnetic generators for sale include eBay.com, Alibaba.com and AliExpress.com, as of 2015. Additional sources for magnetic generators and motors include Omega.com and KGpowersystems.com.

Alibaba.com has a wide variety of wholesale permanent magnet generators, including the Newland Magnet 5 kilowatt Neodymium generator, the Free Power 40 watt hand crank generator and the NaiEr 500 watt synchronous generator.

Omega Engineering features an assortment of permanent magnetic DC motors including the two-horsepower, 1800-RPM heavy-duty motor with high starting torque and permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings. The KG Power Systems Store features a Baldor metric flange permanent magnet SCR drive motor with a bolt on non-metric base and a base speed of 1800 RPM.