What Are Some Good Places to Buy Magnets?


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Purchase specialized magnets, such as neodymium, as well as decorative, practical-use magnets from retailers such as The Home Depot, MagnetShop.com, BuyMagnets.com and Amazon.com. BuyMagnets.com features a variety of unique magnets and magnetic products, including: Alnico, ceramic, magnetic assemblies, electromagnets and magnetic strips. Amazon.com features many decorative, household magnetic product designs, such as refrigerator Scrabble and the Whitmor Clip and Drip Hanger. HomeDepot.com provides an assortment of utility products such as magnetic tape, clips, push pins and hooks.

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Customizable magnets are available for design on Magnets.com, as of 2015. These include an array of options such as magnetic business cards, calendars, mailers and car magnets. Free samples can be requested on this website; click the Customizable Magnets tab on the options column, then click the "Request A Free Sample" link. Magnets are purchased online and shipped through the retailer's website.

MagnetShop.com also features sample kits of its magnetic products. This sampling includes 55 magnets ranging in type from ceramic bars to neodymium discs and flexible magnetic strips, as of December 2015. This retailer also carries Samarium Cobalt magnets as well as materials for crafting and special projects. Amazon.com sorts magnets into specific categories on its website, including souvenir, vintage, strong, novelty and wooden. Retro themed, plastic and children's magnets are also available.

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