What Are Some Good Places to Buy Instabind?

As of 2015, hardware stores such as The Home Depot sell Instabind. In addition, Amazon.com and BondProducts.com also sell Instabind. A variety of carpet and rug binding colors are available.

As of 2015, Amazon.com sells Instabind carpet and rug binding in 22 different colors, such as sand, beige, black, gray and blue. The binding is sold by the foot.

BondProducts.com lists Instabind binding in multiple styles, such as cotton, synthetic, rope edge, outdoor marine and safety edge. Depending on the binding style, different color combinations are available. Some styles are available in large rolls, such as 216-foot or 54-foot rolls. Other styles are available in rolls or by the foot.

The Home Depot offers Instabind binding rolls in regular style, serge style and outdoor marine style. Instabind products are available in dozens of different colors, and they can be shipped either to an individual's home or to a store.