What Are Some Good Pest Control Methods for Spiders?


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Effective control of spiders involves understanding that they are predators and eliminating the insects on which they prey. Glue traps offer a means of reducing the number of spiders. Pesticides are not very effective, as the spider's legs elevate its body off the ground so it does not drag through the poison.

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Spiders often build their nests near light sources. These lights draw insects, and the spiders trap them in their webs. Spiders may consume the insects directly or wrap them in more webbing to save for later. Turning off the light when it is not in use reduces the number of insects and ultimately decreases spider population.

Hunting spiders do not use webs to catch their prey; they outrun or jump to catch it. Because these spiders sometimes move through cracks to catch insects, spraying small cracks with insecticides can help in control. However, glue traps are almost as effective and do not contain toxic compounds. Some of the traps fold into a box to prevent debris from falling onto the glue strip. Glue traps are effective at catching insects and spiders. Sometimes a trap catches an insect and the spider, seeing it as easy prey, also becomes caught in the glue.

Fixing poorly fitting screens and cracks around windows and doors can also reduce the spider population in a home. Fill cracks with caulk. Replace or repair any screens that allow room for the spider to enter.

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