What Are Some Good Perennial Plants for Zone 5?


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Perennials suitable for planting in zone 5 include Russian sage, yarrow, bee balm, hosta and black-eyed Susan. Additional plants for this zone include pink octopus and purple coneflower.

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Russian sage provides silver foliage and aromatic lavender blue flowers. The plant is resistant to drought and is a nice addition along grasses and sedums to provide an interesting fall landscape.

Yarrow, or strawberry seduction, is an easy-to-grow, long-blooming perennial. It is tolerant of both salt and drought and resistant to rabbit and deer, making it a good choice for driveways, mailbox plantings and lining roadways. The plant offers red florets and gray-green foliage.

Bee balm attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees to the garden. It also provides a burst of color for the landscape. One variety produces buds that look like red raspberries before opening to raspberry-colored blooms.

Hosta is a classic perennial that provides white-bordered green foliage. Although sun tolerant, hosta does well in heavy shade. Black-eyed Susan provides a long-blooming show of yellow, daisy-like flowers with dark centers. This perennial is easy to grow in sun or in partial shade.

Pink octopus is an ideal option for rock gardens and borders. It produces Japanese-lantern-shaped buds that open to octopus-shaped flowers. Purple coneflower produces daisy-like flowers in several colors, including red, white, orange and pink. The perennial has a long life, is low maintenance and is a big attractant for birds and butterflies.

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