What Are Some Good Pellet Grills?


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A few recommended pellet grill brands are Rec Tec, Traeger, Memphis Wood Fire grills and MAK, as noted by BarbecueBible.com Pellet grills are cooking devices that can roast, grill and smoke meats and other foods. A pellet grill runs on electricity and requires small and natural wood pellets that are 1/4-inch in width.

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Due to their small size, wood pellets tend to burn cleanly, leaving behind very little ash, as noted by BarbecueBible.com. Wood pellets, which can come in different flavors, are fed from a hopper into a burning box. A digital controller controls the temperature for a pellet grill. The first pellet grills were introduced by Traeger in the 1980s, notes BBQBeat.com. When compared to other pellet grill brands, Traeger brand grills may be a good choice. The price range for certain Traeger pellet grill models can be between $300 and $2,000, as of 2015.

The Rec Tec, MAK and Memphis Wood Fire grills can also be good pellet grills, states BBQBeat.com. The MAK brand pellets grills are available in different models, which range in price from $1,600 to $8,000. At the lower price range is the model 1-Star General. To cook directly above the fire, the Memphis Wood Fire grill is a good option because the burn chamber top is removable.

There are many other brands of pellet grills on the market that also may be good options, including Fast Eddy's Cookshack pellet smoker and Yoder smokers.

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