What Are Some Good Patio Deck Railing Ideas?

What Are Some Good Patio Deck Railing Ideas?

For attractive deck railing, try building a wooden railing around the porch and adding stained glass inserts to reflect sunlight. A curved wooden rail with double ballasts is another good idea, notes Decks.com.

For added privacy around the entire deck or part of a deck, add a cedar privacy screen with a lattice panel on top to allow light to come through. Place low-voltage lighting in specific areas around the deck to add ambiance and character at night.

Introduce an industrial-style railing around a deck or hot tub by using galvanized wire mesh installed in wooden railing, or create a curved wooden rail with aluminum bars for a polished look. Make sure the bars are no more than four inches apart, especially if there are children around.

For a deck on the second story or to preserve a view, consider installing glass deck railing. Use tempered, shatterproof glass with or without tinting to create unique deck railing. The wood beams that support the glass can be painted to match the exterior of the home.

Another unique idea involves building wooden rails around the perimeter of the deck and using cable rails in between each rail. These decks usually run about 42 inches tall, but homeowners can easily build them to the desired height.