What Are Some Good Paints for Rusty Metal?


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Outdoor paint works well on rusty steel, as do matte, semi-gloss and gloss finish paints. Brush, roll or spray two coats of paint onto the metal after removing the existing rust and applying a primer. Using a brush helps to ensure that the paint gets into every crevice on the object, while spray paint helps to ensure an even coat.

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Use a wire brush to remove the rust from the steel before painting. If the object has large, flat surfaces, use a sandblaster to remove the rust quickly. After removing the rust, sand the surface with 80-grit and 120-grit sandpaper. Use a degreasing cleaner to finish cleaning the surface.

Wipe a thin coat of paint thinner over the clean steel, and follow the paint thinner with a coat of rust-inhibiting primer. Use a brush to apply the primer and ensure that you coat all of the steel's pores. This step is important in helping to prevent future rust. Finally, apply two coats of outdoor paint to the steel.

Other types of metal, such as cast iron and galvanized steel, may require slightly different primers and paints. Interior paint is not suitable for metal garden furniture and other objects kept outside.

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