What Are Some Good Outdoor Floor Coverings?


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Good outdoor floor coverings include wooden planks laid directly over concrete, concrete itself, pea gravel, flagstones and stone. Artificial grass is also an excellent outdoor floor covering.

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Concrete is an especially versatile outdoor floor covering. It can be made to resemble real stone, wood and even leather and can be polished from a soft matte to a mirror brightness. Concrete can also be etched, stained, dyed and stamped. It can also be embellished with gravel or bits of colored glass, made into pavers and laid in patterns as brick is.

Stone tiles, pavers or slabs also make excellent outdoor flooring. The stone can be made from granite, slate, travertine or quartzite. The tiles can also be made of marble. Pebbles pressed into a matrix also go into creating attractive outdoor flooring. Bands of pebbles are also used as borders for stone tiles or slabs. Flagstone is simply flat stone, usually made of sandstone, which comes in many colors depending on the materials that bind the grain particles.

Artificial grass brings the beauty of grass with none of the maintenance or environmental problems. Though it is expensive to install, the highest quality artificial grass is nearly indistinguishable from real grass unless the viewer examines it closely. It is best installed in cooler climates because it becomes hot quickly, and it should be installed by a professional.

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