What Are Some Good Outdoor Cooling Systems?

What Are Some Good Outdoor Cooling Systems?

Examples of good outdoor cooling systems include portable air conditioners, evaporative coolers, misting systems and swamp coolers. The effectiveness of an outdoor cooling system depends on climate and the kind of space being cooled.

Outdoor fans are particularly effective in humid and dry weather and are available in a variety of styles. Types of outdoor fans include ceiling, wall mount and floor fans. The positioning of an outdoor fan affects its effectiveness. These systems require a power source. One downside of outdoor fans is that breezes can limit their effectiveness.

Portable air conditioners are effective for enclosed outdoor areas such as sheds and tents. Portable air conditioners are the most effective for reducing temperatures and good for use around sensitive electronic equipment and by people who suffer from allergies. You should take special care when operating these units outdoors.

Evaporative coolers include swamp coolers and misting systems. They are good for all types of environments but work best in drier weather.

Lastly, misting systems require a water source to cool. The amount of water pressure the system generates affects the quality of mist the unit produces. Low- and mid-pressure systems do not require electricity to run because they do not use a pump, while mid- and high-pressure systems require electricity to run the pump. Mid- and high-pressure units produce a fine mist which evaporates completely, meaning that the surrounding areas do not get wet.