What Are Some Good Outdoor Cigarette Ashtrays?

What Are Some Good Outdoor Cigarette Ashtrays?

Global Equipment Company's Site Saver and patio table outdoor cigarette receptacles are high-quality outdoor ashtrays. A bucket of sand on a metal shepherd's hook also makes a practical and effective outdoor ashtray. Smoke-Outlet.com's windproof ashtrays are also a good choice.

Global Equipment Company's Site Saver receptacle is effective, easy to use and windproof. The product reduces cigarette odor by containing butts, and it automatically extinguishes lighted butts. The Site Saver consists of high-density polyethylene, and it features a removable bucket in its base for cleaning. Global Equipment Company offers a matching 30-gallon waste receptacle with the Site Saver.

Global Equipment Company sells its patio ashtray with an optional table-top attachment. The patio receptacle eliminates the need for ashtrays on tables, and it features a removable galvanized steel pail, screw closure and tie-down rings for anchoring. The 30-inch ashtray allows easy wheelchair access as well.

The outdoor standing hook and bucket ashtray is easy to assemble, and very portable. It can also double as a planter when not in use.

Smoke-Outlet.com offers round and square windproof melamine ashtrays. The ashtrays keep cigarette butts and ashes contained, and they feature four snuffer holes that make extinguishing cigarettes easy. The product also features a two-piece design that hides waste and allows easy cleaning. Smoke-Outlet's melamine ashtrays are also heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.