What Are Some Good Options for Dividing Rooms With Curtains?


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Options for dividing a room with curtains vary from sheer fabrics that allow light to pass through to both sides of the room when privacy is not a priority to heavy fabrics, such as canvas, suede or velvet, that block light and add privacy. Dividing a room with curtains is less expensive than adding a wall and allows opening the space again by pulling back the fabric.

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Dividing a room with windows located only on one wall is challenging. However, sheer, lace or other lightweight curtains help to overcome the challenge. They provide a thin veil to divide the space while allowing light to flood both sides of the divider.

Dividing a room to provide privacy requires heavier curtains. Light blocking curtains can create a dark area for sleeping or a private dressing area. Choose a fabric with an acceptable finish on both sides. In a studio apartment, the curtains provide a sense of privacy without permanently dividing a small space.

Room dividing curtains are sometimes challenging to hang due to the length of the curtain wall. One option is hanging curtain rods from the ceiling. A second is adding a high-tension wire that attaches to hooks on the walls. Adding a small turnbuckle at one end makes tightening the wire to eliminate sagging curtains easier.

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