What Are Some Good Mole Traps?


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The Wire Tek 1001, Black Hole and Nash Choker Loop are good mole traps, according to Pest Control Products. Other quality traps include the Mole Pro and Victor Out O' Sight.

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The Wire Tek 1001 is a metal trap that sits on top of a mole hole and kills moles instantly. Each trap holds one mole at a time and has a quick-release switch that opens the sprung trap, dropping the contents into a garbage bag or other receptacle. The Wire Tek 1001 requires cleaning between uses.

The Black Hole traps moles, gophers and rats. The user must insert this trap into a mole hole and load it with bait through a hatch on the top. Like the Wire Tek 1001, the Black Hole kills one mole at a time and requires cleaning after each use.

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