What Are Some Good Microwave-Safe Dishes and Cookware?


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Nordic Ware, Pyrex, Sistema and Reston Lloyd make cookware suitable for microwaving. These brands generally receive good reviews on Amazon.com. Consumers should choose bakeware made from glass, ceramic, stoneware, silicone or strong plastic.

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A conventional oven heats both the cooking dish and the food. A microwave oven cooks food by heating up molecules of water, sugars and fats in the food. Microwaves pass straight through glass, ceramic and plastic cookware so the food cooks faster.

Consumers should make sure any cookware is small enough to fit both the internal dimensions of the oven and the size of the turntable. Dishes with lids help retain moisture in food and prevent food splashes in the oven.

Using metal trays, foil pie plates or gold-rimmed items in the microwave can damage it. Consumers should check the instruction manual for their oven for model specific information about recommended cookware.

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