What Are Some Good Methods for Cleaning Wood Floors?

What Are Some Good Methods for Cleaning Wood Floors?

Good methods for cleaning wood floors include dusting the floor before cleaning, vacuuming the floors with a floor brush and damp mopping, notes Better Homes and Gardens (BHG). Rubbing with steel wool and floor wax and sanding are effective methods for cleaning stubborn stains.

Vacuuming or sweeping floors can help keep wood flooring clean without exposing them to water. Homeowners should vacuum or sweep wood floors at least once a week. If possible, they should do so daily.

Homeowners can clean wood floors more effectively by giving the floors a dust with a mop treated with a dusting product, as recommended by BHG. Doing so before cleaning can remove dirt, pet hair and dust from the surface and prevent scratches from occurring.

To thoroughly clean wood floors, homeowners should mop floors with a damp mop, as too much water can damage the wood. Wring the water out of the mop until is slightly damp. Use a cleaning product designed specifically for wood flooring.

Stubborn stains such as dark spots, water marks and heel marks may not come out with regular mopping. To remove these stains, work at them with no. 000 steel wool and some floor wax. If the stain persists, use sandpaper to lightly sand the stain before cleaning it with steel wool.