What Is a Good Method for Getting Rid of Voles?


Poison and mouse traps are two methods that work well for getting rid of voles. To poison voles, use a product such as ZP Gopher Bait, d-Con or Rodex. Place the poison inside burrow openings where voles are certain to find it. This also prevents accidental ingestion by pets and children.

Fall and winter are the best times to kill voles using mouse traps.To use mouse traps, put a small amount of peanut butter on the trigger of the trap, and set the trigger. Then, place the trap directly on a vole path. To determine vole paths, look for worn, 2-inch-wide lanes running through a garden or lawn. Vole feces should be visible. Live trapping is also an option, but it is difficult to dispose of live voles. In some states, relocating wildlife is even illegal.

To prevent an infestation of voles, keep lawns mowed and borders trimmed and weeded. Voles hide in thick vegetation and debris. Keep mulch away from the trunks of shrubs and trees. During the winter, voles burrow through snow, so shovel snow away from the base of plants. Keep ground covers to a minimum, and remove fallen leaves and other debris promptly to make a yard unattractive to voles.