What Are Some Good Materials to Use When Building a Pool Deck?

What Are Some Good Materials to Use When Building a Pool Deck?

When building a pool deck, use sturdy, durable materials such as concrete, brick or tile. Each material offers its own features and benefits.

Concrete is one of the most popular pool deck materials because it is inexpensive to use and offers easy maintenance. It also reflects heat well, meaning it does not get too hot in summer sun, and it gives homeowners plenty of design options. Concrete is also slip-resistant, an important quality in a pool deck especially in a household with children.

Brick offers plenty of design options, but is more expensive and requires more ongoing maintenance to keep it looking its best. Brick has a tendency to get very hot under the sun and is not as slip-resistant as concrete.

Tile pool decks become very hot under the sun and offer little in the way of slip-resistance. Because tile comes in squares, the possibility of vegetation growing between the joint cracks is always present, meaning there is more ongoing maintenance for a tile pool deck. Installing a tile deck takes longer than other forms of deck material and it is more expensive to install.

Pavers are another options many people consider while planning a pool deck. Pavers may cost as much as $25 per square foot as of October 2015, making them an expensive option, states RiverPoolsandSpas.com. Unlike concrete, pavers do not crack when installed properly and, if left unsealed, offer some slip resistance. The key to long-lasting pavers is proper installation.