What are good materials for flat roofs?


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Good materials for flat roofs are traditional hot tar and gravel, modified bitumen, ethylene propylene diene monomer and PVC. A built-up roof uses tar and gravel. This is an attractive and relatively inexpensive option, but it creates a heavy roof.

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What are good materials for flat roofs?
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Due to the smell and mess, people typically vacate their houses during BUR installation. The installer lays out modified bitumen in a roll. Some types require heating to adhere, but new versions use a peel-and-stick process.

EPDM is a type of rubber. Installers attach the roofing with fasteners, hold it down with stone or glue it. PVC makes a reflective and durable roof. Glue or tape hold its seams together, but this type of roof does not last as long as a seamless roof.

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