What Are Some Good Linoleum Floor Cleaners?

What Are Some Good Linoleum Floor Cleaners?

Some good linoleum floor cleaners are Armstrong's Shinekeeper Resilient Floor Finish, Pledge FloorCare Multi Surface Squirt and Mop and PineSol. The Pledge formula uses a mixture of its own proprietary cleaners and film formers containing ingredients such as alcohol and potassium hydroxide, according to Pledge. Armstrong's Shinekeeper Resilient floor cleaner works well to bring out the shine of linoleum as well as to remove scuffs and protect from scratches.

Armstrong makes a cleaner specifically for vinyl and linoleum. Its Shinekeeper Resilient Floor Finish is easy to use and ready right out of the bottle with no mixing required and it helps protect floors against scratches and scuffs and requires no buffing. This cleaner goes on white and dries clear to bring out the linoleum's shine, according to the Armstrong website.

Pine-Sol is an excellent linoleum cleaner because it does not contain ammonia, which can break down the linoleum, which leads to cracks in the surface. All it takes is 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol mixed with 1 gallon of water to make floors shine.

Pledge FloorCare Multi Surface Squirt and Mop is easy to use and leaves behind a nice shine. This one product cleans, shines, protects and restores linoleum, as well as no-wax, ceramic tile and vinyl flooring.

These cleaners to keep linoleum looking like new, says home expert Bob Vila. He also recommends Pledge Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine and Armstrong Shinekeeper Polish.